Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The UN & Darfur Genocide

Wow - It took a while but the folks at the United Nations finally came up with something. Their long-awaited decision is that there's no genocide going on in Sudan at the moment. It took a while - and naturally people died and will keep dying because of the way this international organisation works. Is it going to be Rwanda all over again a few years from now? Hopefully not - at least the EU is actually trying to build a military might that could quickly respond to crisis around the world. The actual peace-keeping phase could be left for the UN troops because that's where they're good at.

Iraq held historical elections only two days ago. The situation would have never risen if the US had listened to the slow and uneffective UN.
So while the UN's goal might sound noble there's absolutely no reason to try to seek for their authorization when it's not coming and especially when there's a genocide going on that has to be stopped on time.



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