Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Celebrate human stupidity

Just posting this in case you missed it (and you did). Three Israelis were killed (all women) by a Palestinian terrorist - at least thirty others were wounded. This happened in front of a shopping mall in Netanya. As it turned out - this small period of peace lasted for five months (although it did include a few smaller incidents).

So the next time things go to hell remember who ruined it all - again. Do any of you seriously think that Israel should just stand by while its citizens are blown to hell? If the Palestinian leadership is too weak and corrupted to act is that not a good reason for Israel to take care of things? You think any civilized government - capable of dealing with the threat - would just stand by and watch its own citizens die? Without a doubt violence creates more violence but the ball is still in the hands of Palestinian leadership - if it can't stop the killings it has failed.




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