Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bush on energy issues

In his latest radio address President Bush talks about a new energy bill and notes some of the difficulties many Americans (and the rest of us) are facing with today's energy policies. There's some talk about conservation, research, means of delivery and energy sources. Nothing really stands out and it's all pretty much common knowledge (at least it should be) but the good thing is that it's public once again and that it's being dealt with.

Maybe the most important point he's making is the simple fact that we must start investing in research! Research doesn't mean just that more money will go to waste but that it can actually lead to new applications, innovations, jobs and businesses. This is perhaps the single most important issue of the whole bunch. The oil will hit the peak most likely within a few decades and from then on the prices won't drop anymore - they'll increase day by day until all available oil resources have been used.
-"Every source of power that we use today started with the power of human invention, and those sources have served us well for decades."

There's also some talk about doing this in an "environmentally friendly way" which of course seems to be just talk. Keeping up with the current way of things and putting more money on research unfortunately won't leave much room for conservation but that's just the reality we have to face. And if we're in luck the money that is being directed toward technological research pays back with more environmental friendly applications and means to produce energy. But at the moment unfortunate issues - like drilling oil in certain parts of Alaska - are just something that we must take as necessities.

The address says that Congress will begin debates about these issues next week and hopefully they come up with something productive. And if more time and talk is needed then fine - let's make room for that and welcome more debate about how to deal with these issues in a way that ends up pleasing most of us.,2933,153670,00.html



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