Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Embarassing European anti-Semitism

Some of you might have heard of those shocking studies which indicate that most European citizens consider Israel to be the biggest threat to peace. And after this we dare to criticize Americans for believing that Iraq was a real threat?

Where were the Europeans when they were supposed to learn at school that for thousands of years Jews have been persecuted, killed and discriminated? Where were the Europeans when they were told that Hitler slaughtered over five million (that's 5 000 000) Jews only about sixty years ago? This new anti-Israel attitude indicates only complete ignorance toward history - or general lack of understanding.

For the first time during their long history the Jews now have a realistic chance to defend themselves - and for the first time they have an exceptionally strong ally. We should be happy for them - but we're not. Many of us are angry because they won't back off the way they have been forced to do for thousands of years. The situation in the middle-East is what it is - a good looking peace process is usually interrupted by an act of terror from Palestinian militants. And yet it's Israel who ends up receiving most of our criticism. And why? Just because Israel is free and democratic doesn't mean that it should tolerate violence or risk its own security.

So the next time you're about to nag at Israel - think of a situation where a boy, who's been bullied at school for years, decides for the first time to stand up against the ones who are attacking his rights - and tell me that the boy doesn't deserve our respect.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you read a documentary comic Palestine by Joe Sacco for another point of view.

April 15, 2005 2:18 PM  

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