Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pulling Out?

The results are in and Iraq has had a taste of democracy. People across the world and particularly the Democratic party in the US is eagerly demanding that the Bush Administration should immediately start planning an exit plan for the US troops. Of course there's no good reason for that. The Iraqi security forces are still lacking experience & manpower and the country hasn't got a fully functioning government yet. The pull-out would result in a serie of catastrophic terrorist attacks across the country and could ignite far worse consequences. There's absolutely no need to rush.

In fact the amount of US forces within Iraq should be increased. That would logically mean more security for the Iraqi people and manpower for the war on terror within Iraq. Of course it'd require money but we're talking about millions of lives here.
Pulling out is something that Al-Zarqawi & his folks want. Such action would send a signal to people like him telling that what they do is beneficial.
Al-Zarqawi already failed to stop the elections - and now he wants to destroy any possible democratic government. As long as the US troops are in Iraq that's not going to happen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Retreating from Iraq is something that even republican politicians in the US are demanding nowadays.

September 04, 2005 2:04 PM  

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