Sunday, February 27, 2005

Voices from Vatican

Media has been full of coverage about the recent medical "improvements" of Pope John Paul II who's been having a throat operation. He's 84 and in a very poor condition - and he definitely shouldn't be doing what he is doing. I can't imagine the pain this guy is going through every day - and the pressure he gets from people forcing him to think that he has to continue his work. I'm not a fan of his (considering the amount of trouble the Catholic Church causes these days with their positions on issues such as abortion & condom use) but this is simply inhumane. A man of his caliber should go with dignity instead of slowly rotting away with incredible pain and bodily difficulties.

I also fail to see the point of media coverage he receives in non-Catholic countries. We really don't care that much - and clearly I'm speaking mostly for myself but there are issues every day which deserve more exposure than Pope's medical difficulties. Finland is very - very far away from Vatican.

The Catholic Church should now do the humane thing and start searching for a replacement - and let the Pope rest through his final days.



Anonymous LAW said...

I hope you have noticed ALL these good things Pope did for the humanity: to unite people of different race and belief...

April 03, 2005 10:14 PM  

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