Thursday, April 27, 2006

Privileges are NOT Capitalism


The whole point of laissez faire is to get the government off people's backs. Granting privileges is not according to the rules of free market Capitalism. But still many on the left refer to corrupt politicians and those enjoying economic privileges as advocates of Capitalism and, as the article above hints, they think that it's justified to put the blame on Capitalism when a bunch of corrupt leaders make up their own market rules. Socialists don't understand simple terms like "free markets" and "laissez faire".
Venezuela had a chance to keep its markets (which had become too dependent on oil) open and introduce further liberalizations when things started to go downhill during the 80s. This didn't happen. They chose the wrong path and started regulating (Check Free the World and choose "Venezuela" from the drop-down menu). Today Venezuela is one of the world's least free economies with both poverty and unemployment rates sky-high.

Found an amazing troll (thanks Rene); Check Shelley, The Republican blog for some amazing shit like Linux: A European threat to our computers.
One could speculate that she's just a troll, likely a hardcore Democrat, but with the way things are these days - you never know.



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