Thursday, March 17, 2011

Israel Remains Vigilant

Another reminder of why Gaza is under blockade and why Israel has no choice but to intercept ships heading for the region:

The Israeli navy has intercepted an Egypt-bound ship carrying a large delivery of weapons off Israel's Mediterranean coast. It said the arms had been sent by Syria to Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

The Victoria is German-owned, operated by a French shipping company and had been sailing under a Liberian flag, the military said. German, French and Liberian authorities have been notified of the seizure. (Guardian)

Here's what they found.

Despite this, Europeans are becoming increasingly delusional about Israel:

Asked to respond to the statement that “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians,” 47.7 percent of the study’s participants in Germany expressed agreement – the highest number in Western Europe....

The statement “Considering Israel’s policy, I can understand why people do not like Jews” met with 35.6% affirmation in Germany, while 35.9% of British respondents were in agreement. In the Netherlands, 41.1% favored the assertion, as did 55.2% in Poland, 45.6% in Hungary and 48.8% in Portugal. France declined to participate.

Whatever happens, Palestinian terrorists can always rely on their European allies.

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