Friday, September 03, 2010

Why there's a blockade

Militants in Gaza have vowed to step up attacks against Israel, following the first direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders since 2008.

"We declare that the actions of resistance have gone into a new and advanced stage of co-operation in the field at the highest levels in preparations for more effective attacks against the enemy (Israel)," the [Hamas] spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters.

This is the backdrop against which the Gaza blockade should be viewed. The ruling entity of Gaza is waging an open war against Israel. Meanwhile in Europe, useful idiots are setting up demonstrations against Israel, calling for an end to the blockade, an end that'd only make it much easier for Hamas to obtain weapons and continue its xenocidal war against Israel. And as these acts of terror are attributed to Islamist extremists such as Hamas, "mainstream" Palestinian politicians display their moderatism by attending the funeral of a mass-murdering extremist. The Palestinian "culture of death" is on display in the streets of Gaza as well, with Gazans celebrating the deaths of four Israeli civilians three days ago.

And some people want to make it easier for these people to obtain weapons...

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