Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Die "Intelligent Design", DIE!

The battle over Intelligent Design in Dover, Pennsylvania, is over.

"A Pennsylvania school district cannot mention the concept of intelligent design in its biology classes, a federal judge has ruled. "We have concluded that it is not [science], and moreover that ID cannot uncouple itself from its creationist, and thus religious, antecedents," said U.S. District Judge John Jones." (CNN.COM)

"The evidence at trial demonstrates that ID [intelligent design] is nothing less than the progeny of creationism," wrote U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III. (FoxNews)

Discovery Institute's response:
"The Dover decision is an attempt by an activist federal judge to stop the spread of a scientific idea and even to prevent criticism of Darwinian evolution through government-imposed censorship rather than open debate, and it won't work," -Dr. John West

An activist federal judge? The Judge already responded to this accusation in his ruling:
"Those who disagree with our holding will likely mark it as the product of an activist judge. If so, they will have erred as this is manifestly not an activist court,"

America might be full of religious fools but at least their system works and is well able to fix its own mistakes. Dover school board members, the ones who voted to include ID into school curriculums, got kicked out a few months back.

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