Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Into It

The situation now unfolding in Gaza (follow the events at Israellycool blog) is a perfect example of a "state" failure. First you have the Palestinian leadership that is completely incompetent, unwilling and unable to deal with its own terrorists. They could and would find the missing Israeli soldier if they had the resources and the will. But they're not getting any money for as long as they refuse to admit that Israel has a right to exist and for as long as they keep supporting violence as a way to fight the Jews. This leadership, along with the terrorists who arranged the kidnapping, is responsbile for the current situation and should be held responsible for any unhappy results.
Then you have a bunch of badly screwed up religious people who're willing to put their fellow countrymen in grave danger by kidnapping soldiers. They're not going to achieve anything (unless they count having the IDF next to your house as an achievement). Israel will not be wiped off the map and the Palestinians will never return to Israel in order to turn it into another underdeveloped Arab state. And an underdeveloped culture like the Arab-Islam culture is simply (at least at this point in history) unable to deal with nutcases (well Saddam did a fine job but eventually he was just pushing the issue - not getting rid off it).

The best bet for Israel is to withdraw from the West Bank (just to clear them of any responsibility - it's not that the Arabs deserve the land - they don't - no liberty-minded person can support handing any piece of land over to religious fanatics), finish the wall and keep fighting the terrorists. Only when the Palestinian leadership is willing to let go of its aim to destroy Israel will there be a possibility of peace. Only a state that recognizes Israel is able and willing to fight its home-bred terrorists that do not recognize Israel. If the IDF retreats from violence (the left-wing fantasy) it will achieve nothing because the opposing side is not interested in making peace.

And as I mentioned in last update the current Abbas proposal is not a proposal to recognize Israel.



Anonymous Petteri said...

Palestinians will wipe Israel out roughly the same time than Finns will push Russians into the Pacific Ocean.

July 03, 2006 7:27 AM  

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