Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Is Iran

Save Nazanin (Via little green footballs):
"This website was created to spread information about the 18-year old Iranian girl Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who has been sentenced to death by hanging. Nazanin`s "crime" was killing a man who ambushed and tried to rape her."

""In Iran... the minimum age for the death penalty is 15 years for males, and 9, yes nine years for females. Although there is no record of girls that young being executed, the fact that the law opens for this speaks clearly about what kind regime Iran is."

Left-wing hypocricy exposed:
"Remember all the attention the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams received all over the world. Does not Nazanin deserve 100 times that attention?"

Iran is not a legitimate state. The US, Israel, or any western democracy doesn't need a permission from any state or the UN to invade or bomb the Mullah regime. A criminal regime has no right to pursue weapons of mass destruction. In fact a Mullah regime that has not been elected by the people has no right to do any political decisions. Some western leaders were given a permission to build nukes to protect their citizens. Iran and other criminal regimes are seeking weapons of mass destruction to stay in power - not to protect their citizens. Laws like those of Iran's (Sharia) are the first to go when a country becomes democratic.



Anonymous Pekka said...

Are you feeling well, Mikko? Maybe too much Sun for your lilly white complexion?
I have plenty more to say but it's late and, quite frankly, this is the single most stupid thing I have heard from you, and I need to calm down. See you later. alligator!

May 22, 2006 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have plenty more to say"

Actually you didn't say anything about the post. So, I guess your other comments would be very much same kind of ad hominem arguments

May 22, 2006 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Pekka said...

Mikko, I fully understand that there are different ways of looking at issues and doubly so when politics are involved. However, this posting of yours, to me, is uninformed, ignorant, hysterical, and totally nonsensical to boot. I wouldn't be upset about all this but on top of it, it is dangerous to an extreme. Your "logic" is something that has been dished out from the White House for the past few years and especially after the operation "Hearts and Minds" started in Iraq.

Your argument, that only democratic countries should have nukes in their arsenal to protect their citizens is a nice pipe dream which unfortunately has nothing to do with the present reality. The American Administration sees no problem with Pakistan having nukes and they even went to the trouble to pat them on the back about it just recently. Pakistan is of course no democracy and their region is the epicentre of Thaliban. Russia has a way to go to be considered a democracy and so does North Korea. Democracy is no criteria for whom has and will have these horrible weapons but the technical capabilities and regional security issues are.

If there ever was a more volatile region in the world than where Iran is located, I don't know about it. Iran is surrounded by such nuclear-armed powers as; Israel, India, Russia, Pakistan and the U.S. forces. Out of these, two are non democratic, and one of the democratic ones is the only nation that ever used the nuclear weapon in anger.

Everything Iran has so far done is legal under the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty and this is not just my say but a fact. They have the right to enrich uranium to 3% for nuclear power purposes and at least so far that's what they have done. The UN inspectors have not found any evidence of anything contrary. Interestingly, this is a little bit of a similar situation where uncle Saddam found himself with the Bush/Cheyney gang, when he was saying he was not having any nuclear weapons programs. Saddam said that he didn't have them, and he told the truth, and Dick said: "we have the proof that you do", and he lied. This is starting to look like more and more that this Administration wants to stop not necessarily what is but what might be (maybe) one day. Here's hoping that this sort of justice will never be applied more widely.

Lets assume that Iran would be capable of producing a crude nuclear device within the next 5-10 yrs. What would change with it is that they (Iran) would belong to a big boys club. It would give them a sense of accomplishment and certainly more of a deterent for possible attacks from her neighbors. It doesn't matter if we like it or not but the nations with these insane weapons don't seem to get attacked. Iran has been almost completely in the receiving end in the past wars. I don't even recall a war that she has started but several that she was defending herself. And here I am going to argue, that nuclear weapons have lost their value as a good attack weapon but increased it's value as a deterrent.

Then there is a question of delivering the device. What Iranians have is the Shahab-3 rocket which on a good day can strike, not very accurately, Israel. It's range is some where around 1300km/700mi. Why would that be too much of a concern to the fellows in Washington D.C. is mystery to me, unless it's all about Israel. Well, Israel has at least 200 of them and they certainly also have the second strike capability, making Irans "threath" totally laughable.

Iranian leadership has unfortunately lapsed back to the revolutionary mode with the rethoric that doesn't play very well with us Westeners. However, leaders come and leaders go and these particular hot heads are not the end of the line. It is so unfortunate that when we need diplomatic skills the most, we have the most incompetent president and Administration around him in the White House. All the progressives in Iran have been silenced by this sort of dumb sabre rattling, and the people, when feeling under the U.S. threath, ever increasingly rally around those we least want to deal with.

I know after reading this posting of yours that your mind to me is a total mystery and I am not quite sure if I really want to know it. All I am saying is, that you represent all that is so evil with the Bush administration and I am so glad that this period is coming to it's richly deserved end.

May 23, 2006 8:04 AM  

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