Friday, May 05, 2006

The beginning of the end?

Moreover, income growth could fall further because over the next 25 years population ageing is among the most rapid in the OECD; the number of employed workers for each welfare benefit recipient, including those on unemployment benefit and all forms of pensions, could drop from 1.7 currently to about 1.0 by 2030, if current age-specific employment and benefit recipiency rates are maintained. -OECD

Keskipitkän aikavälin katsauksessaan OECD ennakoi Suomen kasvun hidastuvan voimakkaasti. OECD:n ekonomistit arvioivat, että muutos ikärakenteessa alkaa hidastaa kasvua huomattavasti vuodesta 2015 lähtien. -YLE

-OECD Economic Survey of Finland 2006



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