Thursday, June 29, 2006

Soccer + Islam = ?

So, which one is it? Is soccer against Islam or should all Muslims (well - excluding women) join the fun?

UK jihadists attack 'religion of soccer,' warn Muslims against taking part in 'colonial crusader scheme'

The Saved Sect website, which calls on Muslims to work to establish an Islamic state in Britain, has attacked "football fever," saying that soccer has "captivated the masses, dedicating their time and effort towards it." (YnetNews)

Oh - maybe I should dedicate my time and effort toward religious mambojambo instead (no, I don't watch soccer - it's boring and the field is too big)? Getting up early in the morning to worship some imaginary creature is not a waste of time?

In Iran things are always better - even when it comes to soccer:

Six girls wearing baseball caps and baggy shirts mope around in a makeshift prison just outside the walls of Tehran's Azadi Stadium... Under arrest for trying to sneak into the football match disguised as boys, the girls await their punishment — but being so tantalizingly close to the game is torture enough. (Time)



Anonymous Inquisitor said...

I always thought that soccer involved a very low level of skill. It takes only a few seconds to dribble and score whilst only a limited number of movements are required to counter the limited number of defensive manoeuvres presented by the opponent. However, i dare say, far more is required to construct the above, and which required consistent and continous manoeuvring for more than those seconds required to kick a ball past another.

July 06, 2006 7:23 AM  

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