Saturday, September 24, 2011

Palestinian land grab

Mahmoud Abbas & co. are trying to stage a land grab of Israeli lands via the United Nations. Of course, the statehood bid won't go anywhere but that's not the point. To the Palestinians this is just another media stunt. The Palestinians want to make themselves seem desperate so that the world's useful idiots would sympathize with them despite the fact that the Palestinians have not only refused to negotiate with Israel as of late but have also launched several terrorist attacks in the past few months; they're defiant if anything, not desperate. At the same time Iran is building nuclear weapons and Turkey is in the process of cutting its ties with Israel in a shameful demonstration of Turkey's unfitness to ever join the civilized world. And people still expect Israel to make concessions. Israel's comprehensive 2000 peace proposal got rejected and was followed by terrorism. Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza was followed by terrorism. Lately Israel has been dismantling checkpoints in an effort to bolster the West Bank's economy, freezing new buildings in the settlements and reaching out to the Palestinians. In return the Palestinians haven given Israel nothing but rockets. If the Palestinians want a home maybe they should kindly ask Israel to kick them back to Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

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