Friday, January 05, 2007

Ségolène Royal - More Socialism in France

The French might elect a president they deserve, Ségolène Royal, a socialist.

"the 53-year-old Socialist candidate pledged to improve social housing for the poor"

Why not just unregulate the heavily regulated and taxed labor market so that the poor can get a job? Or why not just ease regulations concerning city planning and zoning that prevent supply from meeting demand?

"to offer better child care for working parents"

Moneymoneymoney. Why should the public pay the bill when someone decides to have a baby?

"and to exert a strong influence over European Union labour laws."

Oh yeah - as if the labor markets weren't heavily regulated already.

"she promised to address France's shortage of social housing with interest-free loans for people to buy properties, and a tax on buildings left vacant for more than two years."

This woman obviously has no idea why interest rates exist.

"she said. 'I want a Europe that protects against the disorder of globalisation, where the only law is that of the market.'"

How can anyone be that stupid? The globalized world is more prosperous and peaceful than ever before and this idiot wants to protect France from these nasty side effects.

Someone (not sure who) once said: "When goods don't cross frontiers, armies will."

So go ahead and make your lives more miserable. When things go bad you can always blame Capitalism for the fact that economic planning just won't work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When goods don't cross borders, soldiers will. – Fredric Bastiat

January 06, 2007 10:55 AM  

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