Monday, August 21, 2006

An End Too Soon

Countries like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have offered to send troops to southern Lebanon. None of these countries have diplomatic ties to Israel and bringing in troops from these countries would be counter-productice. The UN hasn't even decided whether the UNIFIL troops could fight against Hezbollah and the Lebanese government already said that it will not disarm Hezbollah. Likely, the cowardly Europeans would not be sending troops in the first place if they were to be put in any danger. We're heading back to square one and soon Israel will find herself fighting another war against rearmed Hezbollah.

The UN seems to do everything in its power to keep Israel from disarming Hezbollah. Kofi Annan condemned Israel's raid a few nights ago which aimed at stopping a shipment of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. How can Israel not have the right to stop such activities? The smuggling only proves that the current cease-fire works in Hezbollah's favor. The Lebanese government seems to have no problems with Hezbollah. The Lebanese prime minister, who did absolutely nothing to prevent this war, called Israel's actions a "Crime against humanity".

The Lebanese military and the government should take it as their goal to end Hezbollah's monopoly of violence with which it controls the entire social structure of southern Lebanon. So far, Israel has been the only credible force against Hezbollah yet she has always been condemned for her actions against the terrorist organization. It's pathetic how every single left-wing group has been against Israel's efforts since day one. They never condemned the actions taken by Hamas and Hezbollah.

You'll see - the world will happily watch as Hezbollah rearms itself. The same just might happen with Iran's nukes. Dealing (instead of "dealing") with both issues will be left to Israel.

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