Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Israel isn't on the maps in the Palestinian textbooks"

CAPITALISM MAGAZINE writes about "Children as Bombs" - a look into the culture of Death that is modern Islam:
As if things weren't crazy enough already in the Middle East, here's the officially sanctioned message in sixth-grade Palestinian textbooks for 11- and 12-year-old kids: "The noble soul has two goals: death and the desire for it."

By destroying the individual Islam - a collective ideology that has not been allowed to secularize - destroys the entire society:
As officially stated, the underlying ethos of the Palestinian curriculum is "built on the principle of breeding the individual on the basis of serving society as a whole." Translated, that means breeding kids who believe suicide and murder are noble, who believe it's noble to create a society where the individual reaches his highest stage of development by extinguishing his own individualism, his own existence.

According to CapMag, what these kids need is a bit of Ayn Rand:
What the aforementioned young people could use is some major deprogramming. For starters, the suicide-promoting poetry in their curriculum could be replaced with some Ayn Rand, the perfect antidote for self-immolation.

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