Sunday, February 19, 2012

No respect for adult entertainers

I hate it when porn stars, strippers & such are viewed as second-class citizens. I came across a news article from last summer about some Democrat Congressman (who looks a bit like Goebbels) having a "sexting" scandal involving Ginger Lee, a former porn star, now a stripper. The comment section of the Huffington Post article (also NYPost and Powerline) is another treasure trove of human stupidity with high-and-mighty conservatives ganging up on Lee:

We're supposed to take what a former porn star / current stripper has to say seriously?  -sbtrfly27

Maybe if we started calling them [porn stars] dim lights their futures might turn around. Would anyone want to be known as a porn dim light -Ginny Saul

Poor kid -- this must be *so* embarrassing for her. I'm sure she can't wait to get out from under the spotlight, and return to her simple, quiet lifestyle, and continue to make more films like "Share My C--k! 2" and "Manuel Ferrara F---s Them All!" -Yisrael Harris

I guess she didn't realize that you can block someone from texting you. That's why she's a porn star, not a rocket scientist. -Turtleposer

I find it hard to believe that a woman who takes on 3 guys at a time on film can be destroyed by texts containing sexual innuendo. -Shapi
Well, she's a porn star. She was overwhelmed by written language.  -Turtleposer

Did she obtain this moral code before or after she started performing sex acts for money? -imhotep40

And if you check her chin, you'll find ' Place Testicles Here'. -Adi Kotler

Post everything on this DIRTY WHORE! She is far from innocent and I hope she gets everything she deserves!!! -John Haines

And these people claim the moral high ground?

The sad thing is that adult entertainers don't get much respect from the left either. In fact, many academic feminists are devoted to putting them down, painting them as victims who cannot be trusted to make decisions on their own. Of course, such academic feminists are merely projecting their own feelings of inadequacy on those they envy, namely, sexually powerful women like Lee. The conservative reaction is a similar Freudian projection: The supposedly pious men hate themselves for how women like Lee make them feel while conservative women (and why not women in general) merely feel threatened by adult entertainers (i.e., jealousy):

I'm so sick of these women who act as if they are completely innocent and have no responsibi­lity at all. Men wouldn't cheat on their wives if there wasn't other women willing to cheat with them. -anotherwomanfromva

Of course, the vast majority of men (and an increasing number of women) consume pornography, and that majority includes a huge chunk of conservatives too. Too bad few have the guts to voice their support and respect for something they consume.

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