Monday, July 31, 2006

From South Park

There's a place called the rainforest; it truly sucks a**.
Let's knock it all down and get rid of it fast.
You say, "Save the rainforest," but what do you know?
You've never been to the rainforest before.
Getting Gay With Kids is here!
To tell you things you might not like to hear.
You only fight these causes 'cause caring sells.
All you activists can go f*** yourselves!
Someday if we work hard, boys and girls,
There'll be no more rainforests left in the entire world!

-Song from "Rainforest Schmainforest" by the children's choir called "Getting Gay With Kids"

It's an Afghanistan goat, so it can't stay here, or else it'll choke on the sweet air of freedom.
-Cartman on a goat sent to him and his friends by some kids in Afghanistan

-Right-Wing News

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

YLE - anti-Israel

Finland's National Broadcasting Company, YLE, keeps spewing out anti-Israel propaganda. Today, as I was driving, some YLE radio show was reflecting the opinions of some US "foreign policy expert". The first point was that Israel is simply a lapdog of the US. I guess it's simply not possible that Israel is an independent nation with similar interests - freedom, security and democracy in the Middle-East. The US joined the Israel camp only after the Six-Day War - Israel had been well capable of acting on its own before that and has been well capable of acting on its own since then.

Another point the broadcaster made was that Israel just sits, wages wars and expects things to happen by itself. Here the "expert" forgets the simple fact that the option to form a Palestinian state has been on the table many times and still is - it's just waiting for the Palestinians to recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel has repeatedly been ready to negotiate for peace (it took Egypt more than a decade and Jordan several decades to recognize Israel - the rest of the Arab/Muslim gang have not yet recognized Israel) and withdrew from Gaza last fall after Sharon got frustrated at the inability of the Palestinian leadership to do a damn thing. The Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel and disarm Palestinian militants (this is what Israel did to its militant groups soon after it declared independency). The same with Lebanon; The Lebanese government has failed to comply with the UN Resolution 425 that calls for the Lebanese government to secure the Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon. The Lebanese government has not done a damn thing to disarm Hezbollah.

What's sad is that every Finn who wants to watch tv must pay YLE an annual fee. YLE, a state owned company, was pro-Communism and pro-Soviet during the Cold War.

I also read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time two days ago. I'm not familiar with Bradbury's political agenda but I couldn't help thinking of the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed Cartoon controversy. During the "crisis" critics from both the (European) religious right and the multiculturalist left blamed the advocates of free speech for cultural racism. This is exactly what happened in the book. Books were burned so that the feelings of all kinds of minority groups wouldn't be hurt. The society in the book also reflected the left-wing world where equality means that no one gets to be above someone else as a result of their special abilities, talents or skills.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Terrorist supporters march around the world

Socialists and Muslims Rally Against Israel:

Suomessakin osataan protestoida ns. "solidaarisuuden" nimissä muslimiterroristien puolesta.

Via Israellycool and lgf:


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Democracy and Responsibility

The UN, countless NGOs (the Finnish Socialist Union calls Hezbollah's acts of terror an "act of solidarity") and people from all sides have joined together to blast Israel for its "disproportionate operations" in Gaza and Lebanon. The Finnish Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja, repeats the same old mantra that Israel's use of force is disproportiate (echoed by the French president too). This is because civilians in Gaza and Lebanon have suffered due to the IDF operations. However, why should being a civilian clear you of any responsibility?

Both the state of Palestine (The West Bank & Gaza) and Lebanon held elections about a year ago. The Palestinian civilians voted for terrorists. Residents of southern Lebanon, which is now being targeted by the IDf, and, which has been the source of many Hezbollah attacks, voted for Hezbollah, another terrorist group. Neither Hamas nor Hezbollah recognizes Israel. They both wish to see Israel wiped off the map. The people of Lebanon and Palestine gave these groups power - political power. The so-called innocent civilians voted these groups so that there would be a legal basis for their acts of terror. Therefore, the civilians must take responsibility. You cannot expect that voting clears you of any responsibility. If you vote for a left-wing candidate who destroys your country's economy it's you (and, of course, the candidate himself) who is responsible since it's you who gave this person the authority to use political force.

A recent poll hints that the majority of Palestinians support terrorism:

"A majority of the respondents, 77.2%, expressed support for the Hamas operation that included the abduction of Shalit, while only 21.7% said they opposed it."

Sometimes people have to learn this lesson about democratic responsibility the hard way. After all, the Nazis were given power by the German people (which, however, didn't justify the unnecessary bombing of some German cities). The path to a functional democracy is not an easy one and the people of Palestine are still rookies of democracy.

One should still note that not everyone in Gaza or Lebanon voted for Hamas or Hezbollah and that's why it's unfortunate that those who wanted something better ended up dead because of what their misguided neighbors voted for. Neither am I saying that you should be punished by death for voting. I'm just saying that if you vote for terrorists bad things are bound to happen and you should recognize the part you're playing in the process.

And it should be noted that the Lebanese government is the one responsible for keeping Lebanese terrorist groups in check. If it fails to do so, as it has (it has done practically nothing to return southern Lebanon under the government's control), the IDF has to step in in order to protect the citizens of Israel. The IDF withdrew from southern Lebanon six years ago and from Gaza a year ago. The people of Lebanon and Gaza rewarded Israel's unilateral actions by voting for groups that want to see Israel dead.

The good news is that some people involved in the conflict recognize the harm caused by groups like Hezbollah and those who support terrorism:

"'I stayed awake all night long, smoking and watching the news. I can’t understand life here in Lebanon. Hizbullah should be disarmed,' the newspaper’s reporter was told by a restaurant owner named Morris in east Beirut."

Israellycool blog keeps liveblogging news and commentaries about the on-going situation in Gaza and Lebanon as it has done for the past few weeks. There's plenty of stuff from numerous news sources and the blog has become one of my favorites.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The "American Machine" at work

Good news from the American economy:

"Additional revenue generated from groups that pay their taxes quarterly — primarily corporations, small businesses and the wealthy — dropped the projected federal deficit for the 2006 budget year to $296 billion, a $127 billion decrease from a February estimate, Bush said.

The president said his pro-growth policies, including tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 and a limit on additional discretionary spending, had enabled the economy to improve tax revenues to the point that his 2004 pledge to cut the deficit in half — to $260 billion by 2009 — will be reached one year early.

Though numerically the budget deficit is among the highest recorded, as a measure of gross domestic product, 2.3 percent, it ranks lower than the deficits in 17 of the past 25 years.

Bush said the short-term deficit has been a challenge, but the real threat of overspending comes from unsustainable growth for entitlement programs — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

It's just too bad Bush lost some of his spirit to fight for the privatization of Social Security.



Sunday, July 09, 2006

What kind of a culture does this?

The Brussels Journal

It cannot be just the culture. Something has got to be wrong with the people who are able to do things like:

"The clitoridectomy took place in January 2005 at their home in Mogadishu. The clitoris was removed with a razor blade, while her father kept firm hold of the girl. The painful operation was performed without anaesthetics."

A culture that breeds this kind of behavior has no value. It's about time the authorities in Sweden should start tracking down these valueless human beings who are able perform such monsterous acts on their own children. I wonder how many cases of clitordectomy have taken place in Sweden alone since the practice was banned there in 1982.

Edit: Infidel Bloggers Alliance notes that CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, ("to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, and empower American Muslims...") , supports the newly established Islamic regime in Mogadishu. IBA notes:

Since they have taken over, the Islamic fanatics have done the following:

1) declared that anyone who misses even one of his five daily prayers will be put to death


2) dealt out the punishment of death to two men for watching the World Cup on television

More sad news - The Marine recruiter who was "portrayed as an overzealous Marine recruiter who targeted poor kids" in Michael Moore's propaganda hit, Fahrenheit 9/11, died some weeks ago in Iraq during his second tour of duty. The world will remember this hero as some stupid yankee who got paid for bringing poor people into the military. Moore also lied to get him to appear in the documentary. The news story at should help you get to know the opposite side of the story.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kaikki bolivialaiset eivät ole tyhmiä

Vaihteeksi näemme kommunismin vastaisia mielenosoituksia: Boliviassa Santa Cruzin asukkaat äänestävät autonomian puolesta, jottei sosialismin nimeen vannova Morales pääse varastamaan santacruzialaisten ansaitsemia varoja:

Darkening the cloud over them is the specter of Evo Morales. He’s a communist who’s brought in Venezuelan troops. He’s out welfare shoveling from Santa Cruz’s hard-earned wealth, creating vast underclasses dependent only on him. He’s brought in Cuban agents, posing as “doctors” (and putting real doctors out of business!) He’s chased all foreign investment out of Santa Cruz by literally stealing natural gas operations and handing them over to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan oil men. And now he is targetting fertile land, specifically Santa Cruz’s hard-developed agricultural land, for “redistribution” to socialist “collectives” to be directed by Cuban operatives, without the consent of any free people.